Saturday, July 10, 2010


Magnus and I went by the plant store yesterday and ended up with these cute plants. The one on the left sits by my computer normally. The plant on the left is labeled  'Polyscias Butterfly' and the plant on the right is 'Chamaedorea Elegans' or Parlour Palm apparently.

The picture above is the lemon tree.  Its probably  about 1 1/2  years old. It doesn't get as much sun as it needs but it is doing ok I think.

Some random cactuses we are growing.. not pictured is a bamboo plant that finally started growing!


  1. I love your plants. They really make your apartment feel cozy and comfortable. You always grow some interesting things too. Remember the neat sunflower last summer. That was really neat ! These new ones are very neat and unusual too. Love the little pots they are in. The lemon tree is a surprise. How it has grown!! Where did you find cactus seed?? And Bamboo seed. Wow you do find unusual things. How fun. You and Magus are so interesting. Neat plants and the way you cook foods from all over the world. What an adventure. Love ya both !! Stay Happy..

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