Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer vacation

Summer weather has finally arrived. The temperature is constantly above 70 (closing up on 80) during the days now and there might actually be a good reason to stay outside a little bit more! Hopefully we will able to stay a few days at my parents and enjoy even better weather and good times.

In August (19-23) Amber and I are going to the UK. We will both get a chance to see London for the first time and get a chance to see Linda and Andy in Chelmsford. "Of course" the main focus of the trip will be Bromsgrove ( where I have some old friends, and we plan to enjoy the nature in the area and hopefully watch some football if everything works out.

I will start working only a few hours after we return from the UK, it's all about fitting everything into the schedule :) Amber has one week off before her school starts after this, will be good for her to have an opportunity to relax between studies.

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  1. Oh this sounds very nice. What a great idea to fit this in before classes start in the fall. We wish Linda and her friend the best also.. Be safe and have a great summer.