Monday, March 29, 2010

A small update

I know the blog posts here are sparse and it's a bit embarrassing but I will do my best to increase the intensity from now on.
First, a small update about what is happening in our lives!

My current course is "Coping-strategies and ethics in social work". It stretches from February to June and is by far the most interesting course so far in my education. For once, it actually feels like I'm learning something connected to what I'm going to work with eventually.

Amber has very long days in school working with assignments and projects in her "Software engineering and management"-programme. This means that currently I'm the one doing the shopping and other errands. This fall Amber will have to take care of things like that instead while I'm doing my practical work at a school or social office.

Easter is coming up and this one will be more interesting than usual as Linda is coming home from England for a weak and she's bringing her boyfriend Andy so we'll get to meet him for the first time. Will be most interesting! We also have a football game planned for next week to introduce to my favorite team IFK :)

Well, I promise(?) more frequent updates from now on. If I fail, then encourage me by dropping me an email ;)



  1. hej

    du har en intressant person på din forskar sida, sigrid bengtsdotter oxenstierna, gift med claes horn af åminne, sigrid levde på trollebo slott, enligt oxenstiernas sida, sigrid ska med ha varit fruktansvärt ovän med claes syster sigrid, så pass att de valde varsin dörr att gå in i kyrkan. de fortsatte in i döden med. känner du till detta med trollebo säteri, närheten av lemnhult, småland? kontakta mig så får du veta mera. åsa

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