Monday, July 6, 2009

Big day

Woke up early today (5:55) to meet up with Daniel and borrow his car after he had left for work. Interesting car, took me until I was out on the highway to figure out how easily it dies from standing still. When home, I probably spent 5-10 minutes trying to find a way to open the trunk... Felt REALLY stupid when I found it :)

Anyhow, today Scharlene and Josh are arriving. Amber and I will leave for the airport at 14:45 and will be trying to get two more people and 4-6 bags into the car at Landvetter. The car is tiny so it will be disturbingly difficult! :O

That's pretty much it, I expect our guests to be insanely tired after the trip so we probably won't be doing anything else after that. Until deprature there will however be a lot of cleaning and washing!


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